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Prevent and treat periodontitis

Periodontitis (also known as gum disease) is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth, caused by a wide variety of bacteria that accumulate in the mouth area. The resulting toxins and acids cause collagen degradation in the teeth, which is often accompanied by inflammation. A thorough diagnosis and competent treatment help to preserve your dental health.

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Periodontal prophylaxis


Periodontitis does not always cause clear pain and is therefore often detected relatively late or not at all. As part of the periodontal prophylaxis in our practice in Brixen (South Tyrol), we counteract this and thus prevent the deterioration of the jaw bone as well as tooth loss.

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The four steps of periodontal treatment

Regular check-ups and professional dental cleanings help to prevent and treat periodontitis. In only four steps, we preserve the health of your teeth.

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Step 1: Professional dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is a biofilm management performed by trained dental hygienists that helps to prevent gingivitis. It is ideally performed once every three months, however no less than every six months, in order to detect periodontal disease at an early stage.

Step 2: Periodontal status

We determine your periodontal status, establish your PSI, and constantly monitor the ongoing healing process.

Step 3: Bacteriological screening

With the help of a bacteriogram, an aromatogram, and an Interleukin gene test, we create a comprehensive bacteriological screening on a holistic basis. In this way, not only are symptoms eliminated, but causes are identified and treated accordingly.

Step 4: Holistic process

By examining your gut flora, by taking nutritional supplements, and by taking advantage of a bioresonance therapy or lymphatic drainage, the treatment focuses not only on eliminating the symptom, but on supporting your holistic health.

Periodontal prophylaxis

Prophylaxis – the key to healthy teeth

Scientific studies have shown that professional individual prophylaxis is an important step towards lifelong teeth: caries and periodontitis are almost exclusively caused by bacterial plaque and can be prevented by regular prophylaxis. Fillings and dentures thus remain functional for longer. Our specially trained prophylaxis assistants answer all your questions about oral health and create your individual treatment programme.

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Periodontal prophylaxis

Your prophylaxis programme

  • Determining your oral hygiene status
  • Discussion of the causes and consequences of the disease, as well as their prevention (nutritional advice etc.)
  • Demonstration and training of the correct tooth cleaning methods (tooth surfaces, interdental spaces, and gums)
  • Professional tooth cleaning with removal of dental plaque and final polishing
  • Intensive fluoride treatment for enamel hardening
  • Antimicrobial measures to maintain healthy gums
  • Upon request: lymphatic drainage
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We will be happy to include you in our recall system and automatically remind you of necessary check-up appointments.

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