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A person-centred approach

In Dr Liane Hirte’s dental practice, we view holistic dentistry not as an alternative to conventional medicine, but as a valuable addition to traditional methods. After all, there is a strong connection between oral health and overall health.

With the treatments in our dental practice in Brixen (South Tyrol), we consciously focus on strengthening the patient as a whole. Together with you, we look for the cause of pain and discomfort and get to the bottom of your complaints with a thorough anamnesis and comprehensive diagnosis. A therapy individually tailored to your needs rounds off our offer for you.

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Our main treatment areas

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Three steps to healthy teeth

With thoroughness, precision, state-of-the-art technology, decades of experience, and a great deal of empathy, we keep your teeth healthy in Brixen (South Tyrol). We focus on your wishes and needs. We take plenty of time to give you the best possible advice. Each treatment is individually tailored to you and includes three main steps.

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Your dentist in Bogenhausen and Brixen

Step 1: Anamnesis & diagnosis

The first step on the way to your tailor-made therapy is a thorough anamnesis. Holistic dentistry requires sound facts and evaluations. These include:

  • Analysis of the infected teeth
  • Diagnosis of material incompatibilities
  • Evaluation of current metal exposure
  • 3D X-ray evaluation
  • Testing of the organ meridians to determine whether treatment is necessary for organ stabilisation
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Your dentist in Bogenhausen and Brixen

Step 2: Treatment plan

The second step consists of creating an individual treatment plan for you. The aim is to minimise physical suffering as quickly as possible and to prevent it in the future. Bioenergetic tests and special laboratory tests of blood, stool, and saliva help in this. The findings are then incorporated into the therapy plan in order to restore your biological balance.

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Your dentist in Bogenhausen and Brixen

Step 3: Therapy

Concrete measures for your health include:

  • Removal of disturbance fields, incompatible metal, or plastic in a particularly safe protective atmosphere so that no metal particles can enter the saliva
  • Testing for particularly compatible foods or targeted body support through individually determined dietary supplements
  • Bioresonance therapy to eliminate toxins from the body
  • Lymphatic drainage to activate the body’s own cleansing powers
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