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Dentistry from A to Z

The most important dentistry terms – explained as clearly as possible. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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3D technology

In our practice, we rely on the support of the latest technology. 3D X-rays are able to detect oral and dental infections, which is not the case with conventional X-rays. Primescan makes it possible to capture every dental situation with a scanner and transmit the image directly and digitally to the dental technician. This means that dental imprints are a thing of the past.


Acupuncture is a biophysical treatment that activates or weakens the energy flow of the meridians by means of small electrical impulses at specific points of the body. The areas of application for acupuncture in dentistry are:

  • Pain treatment in the head area, e.g. for migraine and craniomandibular dysfunction
  • Infections in the tooth, mouth, and jaw area
  • Functional failures of nerves, e.g. trigeminal neuralgia
  • Relaxation therapy for anxiety, restricted mouth opening, gag reflex
  • Diagnosis of interference fields and harmful toxins or materials in the body


For phobia patients or extensive reconstructions, a procedure under partial or general anaesthesia may be necessary. Dr Liane Hirte and her team look back on decades of experience in the field of oral surgery. After a thorough preliminary examination, an anaesthetist will assess whether the anaesthetic can be safely administered. They will explain the procedure to you and discuss the particular details of a dental treatment under anaesthesia. During the treatment, the anaesthetist will continuously monitor all vital functions such as the heart, circulation, breathing, etc. The patient remains in the practice for about an hour after the procedure to recover and can then go home with their escort.

Modern anaesthetics are optimally tolerated by patients and have very few side effects. Discomfort, nausea, impaired circulation, etc. hardly ever occur.


Meaning: medical history. In holistic dentistry, we see people as a whole. That is why we record your entire medical history (including previous illnesses, medications you are taking, complaints of any kind) in a detailed discussion during your first visit.


The anti-ageing concept consists of a top-quality tooth replacement in terms of aesthetics and functionality and the elimination of toxins from the oral cavity. These toxins can emanate from materials used in dentistry, such as amalgam and palladium, as well as from diseased and root-canal-treated teeth, residual inflammation in the jaw, and periodontitis, thus weakening the immune system. As a result, the ageing process is accelerated, and dormant, genetically based diseases may appear. Bacterial toxins place stress on the cardiovascular system, for example, and promote rheumatic problems. Heavy metal exposure can be associated with degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.


In an aromatogram, harmful bacteria found in the oral cavity are detected in the laboratory, which helps to determine which essential oil should be used to fight germs. Based on the aromatogram, the pharmacist prepares tailor-made aromatherapeutic medicine for each patient. This supports and accelerates the healing process.

Bacteriological screening

A comprehensive bacteriological examination is part of a thorough diagnosis, especially in the treatment of periodontitis. Through an individual treatment plan, the restoration of a healthy oral flora is promoted, which contributes significantly to the protection of your overall health.


Biocompatibility means that the materials used have no negative effects on the body. This is especially important for implants.

Bioresonance therapy

Diseased teeth are interference fields in the meridians of the body and may cause diseases in other organs. The Bicom device detects these disturbances at typical points of Chinese acupuncture and supports diagnosis and therapy. According to the frequency pattern of the body, disturbing substances are turned into therapeutic frequencies.

Caries therapy

Toddlers and children have a particularly high risk of developing caries. As part of the caries therapy, we discuss the risk factors with you and what measures you can take to help maintain their dental health. The earlier a caries disease is detected, the less invasive the treatment. In addition, playful training of the little ones in the correct way to take care of their teeth is important. To make the grooves on the chewing surfaces of the molars (known as fissures) less susceptible to caries, we seal children’'s teeth painlessly.


Composites are tiny ceramic and glass particles used in dentistry as a filling material. They come in a large variety of natural shades and can be perfectly matched to your tooth colour.

Deep scaling

Deep scaling is a treatment that is particularly gentle and painless. It removes hard and soft deposits from the root surface of the tooth. In our dental practice we use micro-ultrasound, laser, and ozone for this.


Extracting a tooth means to surgically remove it. A local anaesthetic is used.

Guided bone regeneration

Using the regenerative capacity of the patient’s own bone, this procedure rebuilds bone material through the use of barrier membranes. This makes it possible to insert an implant.

Heavy metal detoxification

Material intolerances can manifest in a number of ways:

  • Swollen gum line
  • Constant inflammation of the oral mucosa, burning of the tongue, formation of pockets
  • Periodontitis
  • Tension of the teeth
  • Increased salivation
  • Chronic irritation of the throat, nose, and pharynx

An amalgam heavy metal removal includes the following steps:


As part of the holistic approach that we follow in our practice, homeopathy is an effective accompanying therapy that supports the healing processes especially in inflammatory processes and pain management.


Implants are artificial roots that are anchored in the jawbone. They are made of pure titanium and have different surface structures. The length, diameter, and type of implant are selected according to your individual requirements. The use of implants often makes more medical sense and is more likely to succeed than conventional dentures. The latest generation of all-ceramic implants promise optimal biocompatibility and aesthetics at the gumline. Since long-term studies on ceramic implants to date cover a period of about ten years, ceramic implants require an extremely careful surgical technique, stable bone conditions, longer healing times, and a crown restoration made of soft ceramics or hybrid ceramics.

Interleukin gene test

Some patients show stronger inflammatory reactions in the context of periodontitis or are generally more susceptible to the occurrence of gum inflammation. An interleukin gene test shows whether there is a genetic marker in this area. The result is especially important for long-term therapy planning.

Intestinal ecogram

A large number of bacteria live in the human intestine. Through an intestinal ecogram (stool analysis), the composition of intestinal bacteria is determined in the laboratory. This allows us to take the right measures to restore your microbiological balance.


All organs of the body are interconnected. Through kinesiology, Dr Liane Hirte can recognise whether and which disorders of the oral cavity are reflected in the rest of the body.

Laser therapy

Modern laser therapy has many benefits. These include precise procedures as well the analgesic and antibacterial effect of the laser beam.

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage form that is mainly used for oedema and decongestion therapy. Activating the lymphatic system accelerates the recovery process due to faster fluid transport and promotes the breakdown of toxins. In dentistry, lymphatic drainage is used after

  • root canal treatments,
  • extensive preparation,
  • periodontal treatments,
  • metal and amalgam removal,
  • surgical procedures.

Our dental assistants are trained and certified in performing lymphatic drainage.

Magnetic field therapy

In magnetic field therapy, electromagnetic fields are used to stimulate and regulate the cell and energy balance. This supports the healing process.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy supports healing in all inflammatory changes, for example in periodontal treatments or in root canal treatments.

How does ozone work?

  • Ozone disinfects.
  • Ozone fights fungi, bacteria, and viruses that cannot be treated with medication.
  • Ozone has a haemostatic effect.
  • Ozone alleviates pain.


Periodontitis is a mirror of our lifestyle, a disease in which hygiene, diet, exercise, nicotine, drugs, medication, stress, etc. play a major role. Genetic defects are also possible triggers. Periodontitis that persists for many years can cause diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism, and Crohn’s disease.
To treat periodontitis, an accurate blood count analysis of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and long-term blood sugar as well as an analysis of the body’s toxic exposure and intestinal flora is crucial.
 We create a tailor-made therapy for you with the help of hand-scaling, vector therapy, nano therapy, FES therapy, laser and ozone therapy, individually tested nutritional supplements, and scientific nutritional advice. Contribute to your treatment success with regular, gentle, mechanical cleansings with essential oils and by supplying your body with missing intestinal bacteria.

Phobia patients

Patients who suffer from Dentophobia benefit from treatment in twilight sleep or under anaesthesia. During the treatment, an anaesthetist continuously monitors all vital functions such as the heart, circulation, breathing, etc. The patient remains in the practice for about an hour after the procedure to recover and can then go home with their escort.

Modern anaesthetics are optimally tolerated by patients and have very few side effects. Discomfort, nausea, impaired circulation, etc. hardly ever occur. Our experienced team performs outpatient anaesthesia under the highest safety standards. Therefore, the medical risk is hardly greater than with treatment under local anaesthesia. Laughing gas treatments are suitable for shorter procedures and for mild anxiety disorders as well as for people for whom classic anaesthetics are ineffective.


Phytotherapy means nourishing the body with medicinal plants that support the healing process. Traditional herbal medicine is one of the oldest medical systems and is based on the administration of the whole plant, which can thus unfold its full effect.

PS index

A periodontal probe is used to measure the depth of the gingival pockets, the bleeding tendency of the gums, and the roughness of the tooth surface in the gingival pockets. These values are called periodontal indices. Values from 0 to 1 mean a healthy dental environment, values of 2 and more require thorough and regular treatment.

Root canal treatment

A root infection is caused by caries, periodontitis, chemicals, or trauma as a result of a fall or blow as well as by grinding and clenching the teeth. Regular prophylaxis is usually enough to prevent the need for root canal treatment. Upon request, we design a homeopathic accompanying therapy for you, such as phytotherapy, magnetic field therapy, or lymphatic drainage. We use biocompatible materials, which are naturally free of cortisone and formaldehyde.

Ultrasound surgery

Ultrasound surgery is minimally invasive and replaces milling during dental surgery. Three-dimensional ultrasound vibrations work on the jawbone and have positive effects on its healing and regeneration.

Zirconium oxide

A dental frame made of zirconium oxide is metal-free and strong enough to withstand the chewing force. Zirconium is a particularly solid material that is ideal for dental prosthetics and does not cause metal exposure in the surrounding tissues.

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