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For your beautiful teeth

Fixed crowns and bridges are used to close gaps between teeth on tooth stumps or on implants. This restores your radiant smile, because a complete and healthy set of teeth contributes significantly to your overall health.

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Implantology in Brixen

The best materials for your aesthetic dentures

With all-ceramic restorations made of zirconium oxide copings and ceramic alloys, we achieve the colour and transparency of natural teeth in your aesthetic denture.

If you suffer from tooth grinding or tooth pressure or if the opposing dentition is too hard, a combination of zirconium oxide copings and composite is used. For metal ceramics, we pay attention to existing restorations and apply palladium-free alloys to avoid allergic reactions.

Removable dentures

Where implantation is not possible, removable prostheses are a recommendable alternative. Combinations of fixed crowns and removable partial dentures are the preferred solution in such cases. Especially in advanced age, soft denture relines are very helpful, as the existing jaw tissue often declines significantly. With a system that can be imagined like a push button, a minimal implant considerably increases the wearing comfort of full dentures. 

Implants: comfort and high quality

The advantages of an implant are obvious:

  • Firm fit
  • Full chewing comfort
  • Natural feel
  • No annoying clamps
  • No bad breath
  • No negative effects on healthy neighbouring teeth

Thanks to their firm fit, implants feel like natural teeth. In addition, they prevent progressive bone loss after the loss of a tooth. The patient’s bone and soft tissue are preserved. Many factors contribute to the success of an implant restoration: Your cooperation through careful and diligent oral hygiene, continuous check-ups, and especially the extensive experience of our team, from surgery to prosthetics. We give you competent support from the beginning to the end of your implant treatment.

Implantology in Brixen

Time, care, expertise

With 20 years of experience in oral surgery and implantology, we will be happy to plan your individual therapy – from single tooth replacements to complete oral rehabilitation. After a comprehensive anamnesis and diagnosis, we will decide together whether a titanium or ceramic implant is suitable for you, both from a medical and holistic point of view.

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Implantology in Brixen

The newest ceramic implants

The latest generation of ceramic implants made of zirconium oxide promise a high degree of biocompatibility, which is particularly evident at the gumline and enables excellent red-white aesthetics. The healing of ceramic implants requires a great deal of care and, if necessary, the wearing of a protective splint during the post-operative phase.

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